Probate Real Estate Services

Professional Guidance Through the Complexities of Selling a Home in Probate

I am a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist, helping buyers and sellers in probate and estate transactions. My mission is to manage the real estate component of the complex probate process, so that you — the Administrator, Executor, Trustee, Conservator, or Personal Representative — can focus on your other tasks, confident that the property sale is being handled professionally.

As your advocate, my top priority is my fiduciary duty to you and the estate, trust or conservatorship you represent. I always look after your best interests and seek the highest possible sale price for the assets with which you are entrusted.

I know how to prepare a property for the market so that it can attract the highest possible price in the shortest period of time. I work with trusted vendors, contractors, and tradespeople, and can oversee the maintenance, repair, staging, and security of your property.

That all translates into making your job easier, completing it more quickly, and allowing you to get back to some normalcy in your life.

As your probate real estate guide, I know there are many additional responsibilities involved in probate transactions. I excel at handling all real estate-related matters so that you — in your role as Administrator, Executor, Trustee, Conservator, or Personal Representative — can focus on your job.

Real estate matters include the following:

  • Negotiation of contracts and offering alternatives
  • Implementation of an effective state-of-the-art marketing plan
  • Timely and transparent communication with all parties
  • Pricing advice and insight to the local market and economy
  • Oversight of property maintenance and repairs

I have systems in place to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and my frequent and timely communication keeps you tuned in to where we are in the process. I can also help maintain and secure your property, meet vendors and contractors, and calmly communicate with concerned parties to help defuse potential conflicts.

My Promise to You

When you engage me to handle your probate real estate transaction, you receive my promise to:

  • Always put the financial interests of my client and the estate first
  • Attend all court hearings required by the attorney, trustee, conservator and/or administrator, to provide information or answer questions about a purchase contract or other documents
  • Order and provide a preliminary title report to show who is on title and to check for any unexpected liens on the property
    • Liens are the most common problems encountered in your situation
    • Identifying liens early in the process, allowing sufficient time to clear them from the title, can smooth the process and shorten the overall time frame
  • Physically inspect the property, provide a list of suggested improvements to maximize return, and oversee repairs
  • Engage outstanding contractors and vendors as needed, including:
    • handymen
    • locksmiths
    • painters
    • cleaners & haulers
    • estate & yard sale specialists
    • glass repair specialists
    • movers & packers
    • mold remediation experts
    • appraisers for both real & personal property
  • Arrange for a home-staging expert, if appropriate, to provide furnishings, select paint colors, fixtures, etc.
  • Arrange and attend all inspections, appraisals, tours and repairs
  • Implement  an effective marketing plan to expose the property to every potential buyer and obtain the highest possible price in the shortest period of time
  • Oversee the property maintenance as agreed, including landscaping, pools, security, etc.
  • Work with the probate referee to determine the value of the property
    • Providing all necessary information as early as possible helps them do their job and limits delays
  • Provide timely and transparent communication with all parties, via regular updates on the process

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not completely satisfied with my work, you don’t pay me. It’s that simple.